Saturday, November 17, 2012

Autumn melancholy..

   I don't know about you but this gloomy weather and the fact that it's dark so early tends to bring me down a little.Over the years i found some "weapons" that help me  fight this autumn-winter melancholy and turn it into warm and cosy cocooning time.This is a very short post about my favourite weapons.

    First of all chocolate,at the time i'm munching this Lindt one!!Another love of mine is hot coffee,my current favourite is caramel-hazelnut.
  Candles are great for the winter time,they create such a warm ambience.At the moment I'm trying to burn out some of my old ones so that i can justify buying some new!!
  I love reading books and when i  really like one i love reading it again and again!The one i'm reading now (for the 100th time!) is Pride and Prejudice.And i always want to accompany my reading with some good music,my all time classic favourites are Tchaikovsky and Chopin,i simply adore them.

So what are your favourite things for this season??Does this weather bring you down too?

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  1. Έχεις βραβειάκι από μένα:) Αν θες, δες το εδώ: