Saturday, November 17, 2012

Autumn melancholy..

   I don't know about you but this gloomy weather and the fact that it's dark so early tends to bring me down a little.Over the years i found some "weapons" that help me  fight this autumn-winter melancholy and turn it into warm and cosy cocooning time.This is a very short post about my favourite weapons.

    First of all chocolate,at the time i'm munching this Lindt one!!Another love of mine is hot coffee,my current favourite is caramel-hazelnut.
  Candles are great for the winter time,they create such a warm ambience.At the moment I'm trying to burn out some of my old ones so that i can justify buying some new!!
  I love reading books and when i  really like one i love reading it again and again!The one i'm reading now (for the 100th time!) is Pride and Prejudice.And i always want to accompany my reading with some good music,my all time classic favourites are Tchaikovsky and Chopin,i simply adore them.

So what are your favourite things for this season??Does this weather bring you down too?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

DITL: Come shopping with me!

The other day i had to go downtown to run some errands.When i finished i had to treat myself with a little window shopping :)

First stop: H&M of course!!I'm so proud of myself for resisting their offer (buy one piece of jewelry &get one free) and not buying anything!!

                    Next stop: Beautystore!!I love this small eclectic boutique!Link

   Now here i just couldn't resist and finally i bought the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.I love this stuff!!The lovely Katerina gave me some samples that i can't wait to try,especially the ever so famous  Rodial  Dragon's Blood sculpting gel ones(Angelina Jolie uses this product!!).
I will share my Christmas wish list from this store in another post( i want everything!!!)

        I wanted a new candle so i went to Public for Yankee's Candle in Warm Spice!It smells like fall!!

           After all this walk i was craving something sweet,and i went for cupcakes!!

                                                    YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!!

                           But i can't have cupcakes without coffee so off to Starbucks!!

                                    They released their Christmas stuff  and coffees.

                             The first Toffee Nut Latte of the season!!(Venti,decaf,non-fat!)

The outfit of the day was simple and comfy: pants from H&M,weather boots  from Burberry,top from Custo Barcelona(feat. in my YT video).

It was nice taking you with me for a walk downtown!Hope you liked it too :)
What are your favourite stores when you go shopping??