Sunday, September 8, 2013

Collective summer fashion haul (Zara, H&M, ebay etc. )

 Well hello Belles!! It's been a long time since my last post or YT video for that matter and I've been wanting to make an update video but due to my long and crazy work hours I've had no free time at all!!
Most of the clothes I'm about to show you were purchased just before I found my new job and that's why most of them are still with the tags on( again: no free time at all!!!).

 This dress is my latest purchase and I bought it from Pin Up.This was my first time visiting this store and let me tell you it was also the last.This dress is very cute though plus I looove this colour.

                                                        Yeap, it was under 10!!

 If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen this, I posted a photo the day I bought it. It's the infamous Zara skort.
(it's a bit wrinkled, I know..)

Next is another pair of shorts from Zara.Now these I've worn!If I remember correctly they were very inexpensive arround 7-8 €. I do love my turqoise!!

This summer I've been on the hunt for the perfect top.I wanted a soft flowy material,that i could tuck inside my shorts on the front and it would drape beautifully of the shoulder, longer on the back and (this is very important : that i could wear a bra without having to worry that it would show).As you can see I was asking for a lot.But I found the perfect top that matched all my expectations! Where??Where else?At Zara!And at perfect price I might add.So I went ahead and bought 4!

 Perfect low back without any bra peeking out.

 I bought it in white,black, coral and yellow and considering also getting the black & white polka dot one :)

Another coral top from Zara but this is a tad fancier.

I also bought two pairs of shoes.No need to ask, they're also from Zara. First is a pair of nude patent pumps to calm my cravings for the  Jimmy Choo ones, well at least for the time being..

I can't remember the exact prices but I think that both pairs were under 20!

I have a thing for beige suede shoes, I don't know why I just love them.And the next pair is exactly that.

I first saw them online at the Zara site  but for the longest time I couldn't find them at stores.So when I found them I grabbed them immediately!And they were discounted!Score!!

I love the buckle detail and the zip at the back.The downside is that they hurt me a lot but I am determined to break them in.

  Last some accesories from H&M and ebay. The bracelets were arround 6-7.The id bracelet is my favourite of the two, it's very much in fashion  thanks to CĂ©line but not that chunky. 
 Mirrored aviators have been going strong for almost a year now ( the coloured ones I mean) but I didn't want to buy the Rayban ones, I  wasn's sure I would wear them that much to justify the price. So I opted for these veeeery inexpensive purple ones from ebay (arround 2,70 USD with free shipping!). Funny story: my cousin bought the EXACT same ones from a very well known eyewear shop in Thessaloniki for 40!!! And i seriously mean they're exactly the same!! 

That was my collective haul Belles even though I have this very annoying feeling that I keep forgetting something!

Anyway, what did you buy this summer?Did you take advantage of the sales?
 Hope that I will see you very soon either here or on YT with a beauty haul this time ;) Bisousss

Monday, June 17, 2013

♡My Favourite Shoes

  Finally a fashion post and it's gonna be a long one!
  First of all let's clear something out, these are not my most worn shoes or the most practical ones.They may hurt me, I may not even be able to walk steady in them, there is even a pair I've only wore once but I love them and I'm glad to have them anyways!!They are my babies!!
  I will start with a classic peep toe pump from Burberry.Now this is a pair that I wore a lot.It may appear classic and conservative but it's very sexy when worn!And that's my favourite style as you will see the classic-sexy-chic.

    The next one is a gold glittery one fron Dolce & Gabbana.They look perfect with a tan.

 Glitter again!!This time from Zara and they come with a 14cm heels!!They're not very steady for walking but they're pretty comfortable when I'm just standing.I call these my Cinderella shoes 'cause they're just so glittery and pretty!

 Next ones are pink suede with some beige and silver details.They're Gianfranco Ferre and they're so cute!

 For the typical summer shoes a.k.a. the espadrilles  I have these.They're not the Alex from Stuart Weitzman  the're just wannabes :) I bought them fron Haralas and the brand is (I think) Ioannis.The're quite comfortable to walk in and they go with anything!!

 Next ones are very sophisticated night-only imo.Rodo is an Italian brand known for their Swarovski crystal details.And it's these crystals that pump up their prices..

                                                                  The Boots.
  They're not sexy,they might not even be chic but they're very comfortable and I love them.First pair are my beloved short Uggs in sand.Not much to say,we all know and most of us love them!

  Second pair are equestrian boots from Tommy Hilfiger.I bought them years ago and I used to wear them all the time.Nowdays I only wear them when I go horseback riding,which is very rare but I still love them!

                              I love the red/bordeaux detail on the top.I didn't want a beige-brown one.

                                                            The most favourite ones.

     These ones are my 2 most favourite pairs and the least worn ones.Funny non??First pair I bought from Carla G and I've only wore once.Yeap, you read right,only once.They hurt from the very first minute I wear them and I had to pay an extortionate price because of the semi precious stones,yet I still love them to pieces.

  Words cannot describe how much I love these shoes!They're my most favourite Christian Louboutins I own.When worn they have the most perfect toe cleavage and they just scream French chic/ Haute Couture shoes.Well at least imo :)

The one thing I don't like though is how the red soles turn after worn a couple of times.

  Last pair is an essential this time of the year.Yes, you guessed right,a pair of flip flops for the beach.
They're D&G beachwear .

 P.S. As you can see I always keep the shoeboxes and dustbags for storage and travel purposes.Plus I stuff the shoes with paper (pink of course!)  in order to keep their shape.

  So what are your favourite shoes?Do you prefer practicality over looks?Do you have shoes that you never wear but love them anyway??